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 Students Jan 30, 2017
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Latest 3 tournaments
1st place -- oct 13th-14th National Championship-Preliminary
2nd place -- oct 5th-7th Casino Go Tournament, Bratislava
1st place -- European Team Go Championship, Bratislava, Oct 2 - 10

Latest 3 games
Cornel Burzo-Dan Iugulescu
Titi Ghioc-Cornel Burzo
Daniel Cioata-Cornel Burzo

To meet some of my currents students on IGS check the following list:
Hennuz 18k*
j33 1d
adum 3d
fys 2d*
Slarty 1k
k2d 2k*
nozumi 2k*
ablue 3k*
anders 3k
Jazz 3k*
Legrande 3k*
malf 4k*
oxy 4k*
SaintJ 4k
dhr39 5k*
kitsune 5k*
mm11 5k
PANG 5k*
wuwei 5k*
Mana 6k*
TomL 6k*
antarktis 10k*
doreilly 10k
sstubble 10k
FlintDB 11k*
murasame 16k*
davidn2 19k
erik 20k*
Jubilee 22k*
klapaucius 24k*
chuckleb 28k
scota 28k
"If you read ahead, and you feel like losing the game means you haven't read enough. If you read and you don't see what happens next few moves means you haven't read at all !"

"The disciple goes to his Master and asks:
- Which is the most complicated game humans ever invented ?
- Chess, of course!(master replied)
- And what about Go ?
- Go already exist ! "
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