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 About Me Jan 30, 2017
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Latest 3 tournaments
1st place -- oct 13th-14th National Championship-Preliminary
2nd place -- oct 5th-7th Casino Go Tournament, Bratislava
1st place -- European Team Go Championship, Bratislava, Oct 2 - 10

Latest 3 games
Cornel Burzo-Dan Iugulescu
Titi Ghioc-Cornel Burzo
Daniel Cioata-Cornel Burzo


My name is Burzo Gheorghe Cornel. I Have been playing Go for about 8 years now . My nickname on IGS is Cornel.

I was born on May the 3rd, 1980 in Bistrita Nasaud, a small town in North Central Romania.

In 1990 I moved to Baia Mare , which is also located in North Romania.

At the moment I am a College student studying telecomunications in Cluj Napoca, a very nice city in the center of Transylvania. (Transylvania is the West part of Romania).

I have been teaching Go for about 2.5 years now, both on-line on IGS and offline.

For some information about "my little amateur Go career" please check the results link.

I reached amateur shodan level (1Dan) in August of 1997, winning the Romanian Youth Championship.

I improved to 6Dan (European Rating) and 7d (AGA rating) due to playing plenty of games online on IGS, tournaments accross Europe, studying books and go problems and also took some online guidance from Mr. Yang Yilun 7Dan pro for a while.

For about 2.5 years I started to teach online thanks to IGS support, check go lessons link for more infomation please.
"If you read ahead, and you feel like losing the game means you haven't read enough. If you read and you don't see what happens next few moves means you haven't read at all !"

"The disciple goes to his Master and asks:
- Which is the most complicated game humans ever invented ?
- Chess, of course!(master replied)
- And what about Go ?
- Go already exist ! "
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